The Fragment series is inspired by Impressionism and the fleeting nature of memories. As we age, our mind slowly warps and fragments our memories. Little details dissipate but the feeling remains.

Long exposures and light painting are a great experience. It’s takes a lot of experimentation, and the results are always different. Here are a few from a night session with some good friends.

I grew up in Virginia Beach. I frequently visited the beach during the summer but never went in the winter because it was a ghost town. In this series I explored the oceanfront during a chilly winter sunset. I discovered how vibrant the beach can feel in the midst of December.

The island is a top-secret get-a-way. No rules and only accessible by canoe, the island is a place for bonfires and late nights. Imagine Lord of the Flies but with more fire and less pig killing. Below you’ll find an annual tradition of burning dumped Christmas trees.

Back in 2012 I took a day to shoot the Pagoda in Norfolk, VA. I was an eager photography student so it was great to get outside, and learn through practice. The waterside is a great area to shoot as well, with its mixture of city and natural landscapes.

Taylor Roy

Saving friends from pointless stories, one Medium post at a time.

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